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Thursday, 15 October 2009 13:45


Cynara scolymus L.

Symptoms induced in controlled conditions (fumigation with ozone)

cv. Imperial Star and cv. Blanca de Tudela

Fumigation with ozone induces a colour change in leaves of artichoke cv. Imperial Star, injured leaves appears dun when adaxial surface are observed. Small, chlorotic or red-brown stipples are developed near main vein (A). Ozone lesions on injured leaves are more evident comparing with young healthy leaves from the same plant or with healthy leaves from plants grown in ozone free air (C). Ozone lesions affect the oldest leaves of the plant and it is easily mistaken ozone for natural senescence. In advanced stage, leaves are dried and necrotic quite similar to natural senescence showed in artichoke cv. Blanca de Tudela (B).


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