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Thursday, 15 October 2009 14:07

Broad Bean

Vicia faba L.

Symptoms induced in controlled conditions (fumigation with ozone)

cv. Histal

Ozone exposure of broad bean cv. Histal produces a small slight stippling easily visible against the light (A). Old leaves of broad bean show a chlorotic aspect caused by the stippling (B). In advanced stage, the oldest leaves appear tanned on the upper surface (C).


cv. Muchamiel

Acute exposure to ozone of broad bean cv. Muchamiel induces interveinal necrosis (A and C) and pigmented marginal bifacial necrosis (B and D). Injured areas of leaves surface is eroded reducing the thickness of the affected leaves.


cv. Carmen

Ozone exposure on leaves of broad bean cv. Carmen induces small stippling (A and B). Ozone injuries develop on the oldest leaves of the plants. Injuries are present in hardly all upper leaves surface but are noticeable in interveinal areas close to the veins.


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