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Monday, 15 February 2010 12:58

How to Recognize Ozone Symptoms

The following general guidelines can be given to identify ozone symptoms in plants

Symptoms identification for crops species

Visible ozone-like symptoms can be identified and distinguished from symptoms caused by other biotic/abiotic factors by following the general guide lines as described below:

  • Symptoms are more severe on mid-aged and older leaves than on younger leaves. Older leaves are the first to develop symptoms (age effect).

Broccoli plant
  • Shaded portions of the leaves (i.e. if two leaves overlap) usually do not show any injury (shade effect).

Shade effect on potato leaves
  • Visible ozone injury normally does not go through the leaf-tissue. Visible symptoms are most likely confined to the upper leaf surface, typically expressed as a discoloration, bronzing, reddening or stippling

  • Both, discolouration and even stippling only occur between the veins (interveinal) and do not affect the veins.

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