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Solanum tuberosum L.

Symptoms induced in controlled conditions (fumigation with ozone)

Symptoms induced in potato cultivars are results from Regional Project SENSIPAT (GVPRE08/065)

cv. Agria

Ozone exposure on plants of potato is quite similar among cultivars (see pictures below). In potato cv. Agria, ozone induces small pigmented stippling in the upper surface of the leaves.


cv. Charlotte

Potato cultivar Charlotte is very sensitive when is compared with other cultivars. Initially, small pigmented stippling was produced by ozone exposure. When ozone exposure persists, injuries can be joined.



cv. Desiree

Desiree potato cultivar is an old variety very used in Spain. Ozone produces typical dark coloured lesion on the upper surface of the mature leaves.


cv. Bartina

Interveinal injuries induced by ozone exposure of Bartina potato cultivar. Ozone visible injuries are brown and affect the adaxial surface of the leaves.


cv. Escort

Initial lesions provoked by ozone exposure in upper leaves of potato Escort cultivar.


cv. Safrane

Ozone injuries in leaves of Safrane potato cultivar were observed in mature and in young leaves also. Typical dark pigmented lesion were induced by ozone exposure.


cv. Kondor

Two stages of ozone visible symptoms produced in potato cultivar Kondor. Ozone symptoms can be observed in the tip leaflet of mature leaves of plant potatos. When ozone exposure persists, lesions can be joined and offer a tan aspect of the upper surface of the leaves.



cv. Lady Rosetta

Dark pigmented lesions typically produced by ozone exposure of potato plants of Lady Rosetta cultivar.


cv. Provento

Lesions caused by ozone in the tip of leaflet of leaves of Provento potato cultivar are very similar to those provoked in Kondor cutivar..


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