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In Europe, ambient ozone levels are high enough to cause visible injury in native species. Assessment of visible injury is a feasible way to detect the impacts of this pollutant in forest plants and to identify potential risk areas. Ozone-induced visible injury has been incorporated in monitoring programmes, and it is surveyed at a pan-European scale under the protocols of ICP-Forests.

This Web Site is an initiative of Fundación CEAM, in connection with the activities of the Working Group on Ambient Air Quality of ICP-Forests to provide support for the recognition of ozone symptoms. It contains  photodocumentation on ozone-induced visible and microscopic injury in forest plants. Symptoms have been either observed in the field or reproduced experimentally by fumigating plants with enhanced ozone levels in Open Top Chambers.




Suggested Citation: Calatayud, V. Ozone injury in European Forest Species. http://www.ozoneinjury.org.



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