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This action mainly consists of three parts:

  • Two Intercalibration Courses on the Assessment of Ozone Visible Injury.

  • An Inter-comparison exercise of passive samplers.

10th & 11th ICP-Forest & FutMon Intercalibration Courses on the Assessment of Ozone Visible Injury

As part of FutMon action C1-O3-24 (ES), two Intercalibration Courses on the Assessment of Ozone Visible Injury were carried out in Budapest (21-24 September 2009) and Valencia (21-24 September 2010) respectively. In 2009, the course was hosted by Hungarian Forest Research Institute (ERTI) and in 2010 by Instituto Universitario CEAM-UMH (Spain), with the support of WSL (Switzerland). The Budapest course was the 10th in a series of annual courses on visible injury organized within the activities of ICP-Forests and the Valencia course was the 11th of this series. The courses consisted of oral presentations by the participant countries in FutMon/ICP-Forests and of three types of exercises:

  • Photo-exercise with pictures of symptomatic leaves and plants: The participants scored each pictorial sample as to whether the symptoms were: a.) ozone-induced or b.) not ozone-induced.
  • Exercise with fresh plant material: leaves of several plants were scored as either ozone-injured or not.
  • Field exercise at a forest edge, applying the FutMon methods for ozone visible injury assessment.


Results of these two courses and minutes can be downloaded here:

  • 2009-Results and Minutes of the 10th Intercalibration Courses on the Assessment of Ozone Visible Injury (Hungary)
  • 2010-Results of the 11th Intercalibration Courses on the Assessment of Ozone Visible Injury (Valencia)
  • 2010-Minutes of the 11th Intercalibration Courses on the Assessment of Ozone Visible Injury (Valencia)

The presentations of the 2010 course can be downloaded here:

The 2010 photo exercise with the results can be downloaded here:


    Inter-comparison of passive samplers

    As part of the activities of the ICP-Forests Working Group on Ambient Air Quality, and in the framework of FutMon project (LIFE+), an inter-comparison of the different types of passive samplers (ozone, sulfur and nitrogen dioxides) used in the European Network of Intensive Monitoring Plots (Level II) has been carried out in 2009. Passive samplers were exposed to ambient levels of these pollutants in the area of Valencia, Spain. The exercise was organized by Fundación CEAM, with the support of WSL. Nine countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Switzerland), and two manufacturers (IVL and Passam a.g.) have contributed passive samplers. The exercise covered most of the commercial and non-commercial passive samplers used in air quality activities within ICP-Forests and the FutMon project. The regional government (Conselleria de Medi Ambient, Territori i Habitatge, Generalitat Valenciana) provided support with continuous analyzer data.

    The Report can be downloaded here



    Communication activities

    An intensive communication activity in relation to FutMon results and protocols was carried out in the Ecofira Fair (Valencia, 16-18 February 2011; http://ecofira.feriavalencia.com/). In the stand of CEAM, information was given to the visitors through personal communication, a poster and leaflets (download leaflet here (pdf)).




    Another event used for difussion of FutMon results was the Conference "Totes les Cares del Bosc" (All Sides of the Forest), held in Sagunt on 23rd October 2011. The CEAM informed to the participants of this event with a poster, leaflets and with personal communication.

    Information on FutMon at Conference

    Information on FutMon project at "Totes les Cares del Bosc" Conference (Sagunto, 23rd October 2011)

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